Much time, attention and love goes into our brews.  We take great pride in providing our patrons with beers that will excite and please everyone!

Our Brew-masters have made it their mission in life to do what they do best...  MAKE AMAZING BEERS! With 8 handcrafted brews on tap, we always have a deliciously perfected beer for everyone!


Great Sex Honey Lager $5.50

A wonderful return greeted this long ago favorite to the GRB lineup in 2014. Samples receive a light floral and citrus on the nose with a hint of honey sweetness from the very first taste. Brewed with 100% pure Colorado honey, it is highlighted by traditional Cascade as well as Experimental Citrus Grapefruit hops. A truly delightful mix. 

6.7% ABV / 35 IBU



Hoppy Valley IPA $5.50

what can we say? always one of our top two sellers (it's hard to beat great sex...), our American IPA is a different soul from all other beers, with bitterness from the chinook, cascade and el dorado hops unrivaled. With a moderate body, it washes over the palate with a grapefruit/citrus character supported by a well-balanced malt backbone. 

6.4%ABV / 98 IBU



Pascal's Pyrenees Pilsner  $5.50


Belgian Dubbel $5.50

We are incredibly excited to present this new Belgian style to our brewhouse! Lightly hopped with East Kent Goldings and Hallertauer Mittelfrueh hops (try saying that with a mouthful of dubbel), we used Chateau Special B grains and topped it off with pure Belgian Dark Candi Sugar straight into the boil. A perfect wintertime pleaser!

7 % ABV / 18 IBU


OKtoberfest $5.50

7.2% ABV / 27 IBU


Irish Red Ale $5.50

A French-inspired medium bodied beer with a deep red hue, this is another GRB regular. Its malty and caramel characteristics surrender the palate with a heavy hint of spices from the fresh Chinook hops.

Now 95% Gluten Reduced!

5.1% ABV / 26 IBU


GRB Lager $5.50

A GRB regular for over 18 years, this light-bodied purely American Lager has a crisp citrus flavor up front with a grassy accented finish thanks to the Liberty and CK Saaz Hops.

5.4% ABV / 18 IBU

Vail Tail Pale Ale $5.50

A summer break from our winter "Powder Day Pale," the floral/citrus hop character still complements the light maltiness, but provides an extra jolt of hoppy goodness that we think you'll find perfect for these high altitude summer months.

Now 95% Gluten Reduced!

5.6 % ABV / 78 IBU

Brewery Flight $8

Confused? Indecisive? Try a BREWERY SAMPLER and taste 5 full ounces from any 4 choices above! 
-Add additional tasters for only $2.00


Featured Guest Taps: 

Angry Orchard Hard Cider Boston Brewing Co. (GF) 

- Coors Original Golden Colorado

Bottle Beer

Coors Light

Bud Light

Budweiser- Coors Original Golden Colorado

Stella Artois

Miller Light

Framboise Raspberry Belgium

Green Gluten Free Amber Ale

Buckler Non-Alcoholic





Cranberry Orange Mimosa  

Cranberry and orange infused vodka with Lamarca Prosecco and a splash of Orange Jucie


Cranberry Martini

Finlandia vodka infused with fresh cranberries, orange and vanilla bean served straight up with a sugar rim

Strawberry Jalapeno Margarita 

Made with strawberry jalapeno infused tequila


Kentucky Citrus Mule 

Vanilla orange infused whiskey with ginger beer served in a copper mug


Pomegranate Mule 

House infused pomegranate vodka with ginger beer and served in a copper mug


Signature Bloody Mary 

Made with house infused veggie vodka 


Pickle Vodka

GRB's famous pickle infused vodka. Try it by itself or in a bloody! 


    Click here if you would like to download a printer friendly version of our menu!


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