About Gore Range Brewery

Nestled in the heart of Edwards, The Gore Range Brewery is one of the liveliest, family friendly restaurants in the Vail Valley.


With its casual atmosphere, excellent handcrafted microbrews, and tasty food, it is well known as a popular place to grab a drink, eat a great burger and watch the game. Although there is much debate over which microbrew is best, Vail Valley residents can all agree on one thing – the customer loyalty “mug club” makes Gore Range Brewery one of their favorite local hangouts.

Offering classic American pub fare with a twist, the menu tends to giant pretzels, onion rings and nachos as starters, followed by salads, burgers, sandwiches, wood-fired pizzas and more.  Kids menu favorites include mac and cheese, pizza and steak skewers. Gore Range Brewery daily specials board always includes  incredible food made with local and seasonal ingredients, handcrafted draft beer, and a full bar. Indoors, the recently renovated dining room offers bright, wide-open seating and comfortable booths. Our spacious outdoor patio blends high-tech styling with a laid-back aura – making it the ideal outdoor dining location in Edwards.  From great family dining to pub crawls on lively Friday nights, the Gore Range Brewery fits everyone's needs. Come in and try our world famous handcrafted microbrews and stay for the amazing food. The Gore Range Brewery, conveniently located just off of Highway 6 in Edwards, is open for lunch and dinner seven days a week. Handicapped accessible.




  • Founded in Oct of 1997
  • New Ownership in May 2011

GRB General Manager:

  • Michelle Wood

GRB Chef/Co-Owner:

  • Pascal Coudouy


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