Chief vs Titans Live



GRB Nachos* - $15.00

jack, cheddar, spicy chicken, guacamole, sour cream , black bean salsa and tomato salsa

Wings* - $13.95

choice of Buffalo, Thai, or BBQ wings with bleu cheese or ranch

Chips, Salsa & Guacamole -$10.25

Parmesan Truffle Fries - $8.50

served with garlic mayonnaise and home made ketchup

Shishito Peppers - $8.00

sautéed with garlic and extra virgin olive oil

Onion Rings - $7.50

gluten free batter served with ranch

Fried Pickles - $7.00

in a buttermilk batter with horseradish paprika sauce

Mini Corn Dogs - $7.25

four mini corn dogs served with honey mustard



Chopped Salad - $15.50

Bibb lettuce, garbanzo beans, tomatoes, corn, avocado, hard boiled eggs and grilled chicken with house dressing

Arugula Salad - $ 12.00

roasted tomatoes, goat cheese, cranberries, walnuts, and lemon basil vinaigrette

Gore Range House Salad - $11.50

mixed greens, red onions, cucumber, bacon, bleu cheese, kalamata olives and house dressing

Greek Salad - $11.50

chopped romaine, olives, cucumbers, feta cheese, red onions, peppers, tomatoes, and Greek dressing

Wild Rice and Arugula Salad - $11.50

almonds, apples, parsley, olive oil, and apple cider vinegar

Add to any full salad - Chicken $6.00 or Salmon $9.00


Roasted Tomato Soup - $10.00 

Served with a cheddar and basil grilled cheese sandwich (GF with GF Bread)

French Onion Soup - $9.95 

Colorado sweet onion, sourdough crouton and gruyere cheese (GF with GF Bread)



Served with Choice of: French Fries, spicy coleslaw, or wild rice salad - Substitute any other side item for $2.95 

- Gluten Free Bun $2 -

Brewery Burger - $15.50

1/2 lb of fresh natural Black Angus beef with choice of cheddar, swiss, or pepperjack cheese 

...Add bacon or avocado .75¢

Elk Burger - $17.95

caramelized onions, pepper jack cheese & your choice of side

Smoked Brisket Dip - $15.75

On a homemade pretzel roll with coleslaw, Swiss cheese and au jus

Fish and Chips - $17.50

gluten free batter, Alaskan cod, tartar sauce and home made french fries

Chicken Fried Chicken- $17.75

served with green beans, mashed potatoes, and creamy gravy

Grilled Salmon with Artichoke  - $19.75 

artichoke with tomatoes, garlic, shallots, white wine and basil

Grilled Marinated Ribeye - $26.00

served with green beans, smashed potatoes, and a chimichurri sauce


Gluten Free pizza crusts available! 

Margherita - $15.50

Roasted tomato, fresh mozzarella and basil

Goat Cheese Pizza - $15.50

Roasted tomato, dried cranberry, pistachios and basil

Italian Meat - $15.50

Spicy sausage, pepperoni, pancetta and mushrooms

BBQ Chicken Pizza - $15.50

BBQ sauce, red onion, pepper jack cheese, jalapeños, guacamole and fresh cilantro

Vegetarian Pizza - $15.50

mozzarella, roasted tomatoes, peppers, onions, mushrooms, almond pesto, finished with arugula salad